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Insulated Metal Wall Plank

Our Insulated Metal Wall Plank division has been manufacturing insulated metal sandwich panels or "planks" since 1969. 

Insulated Metal Wall Plank
WP-8 foam panel and 7.2 Rib Profile Panel
WP-8 Panel 

Our factory laminated, interlocking WP-8 panels feature double tongue and groove construction, incorporating non-mechanically fastened, concealed securing clips. (No screws!)

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The flat profiled panels are clad in steel, utilize a closed cell foam insulating core  and are available in a variety of finishes and colors.

Panel Sizes
Width:  8" (nominal)
Length:  4'- 0" to 27'- 0"
Standard Thickness: 2" 
Optional Thickness : 3" and 4"

The concealed fastening clips are designed for "right hand" or "left hand" installation depending on orientation of structural support flange and the direction of installation (working from right to left or left to right)  

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Right Hand Clip



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