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Insulated Metal Wall Plank
Foam Insulating Core
Special Silver Metallic finish for high tech look
Foam Insulating Core
  • Standard insulating core for the WP-8 panel is expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) in standard 2" thickness.

  • The WP-8 panel can be produced in an optional 3" and 4" thickness.

  • EPS is a closed cell, light weight, mildew resistant foamed plastic insulating material.

Key EPS Enviromental Attributes
  • Contains NO chlorofluorocarbon, hydrofluorocarbon or volatile organic compounds

  • Does NOT contain ozone-damaging, enviromentally hazardous or unsafe outgassing agents

  • Provides stable R-value and does not diminish with age (EPS cellular structure contains only stabilized air)

  • Mold resistance tests favorably in accordance with ASTM G21, D3273 and C1338

  • Does not adversersely affect indoor air quality

  • Contributes toward green building recognition in a variety of credit categories

  • Manufactured from modified beads which contain a fire retardant to inhibit accidental ignition

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WP-8 Panel
EPS Insulating Core
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