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Insulated Metal Wall Plank
Features & Applications
WP-8 Panel Features
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30,000 SF of std and explosion release fastening
  • Simple design utilizing concealed fastening clips

  • Light weight handling and simple installation

  • Easy notching and cutting (each panel is 8" wide)

  • "Flat" surface appeal

  • The WP-8 panel is able to sustain a 100 mph wind
    load at an 8'- 0" girt spacing.

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WP-8 Panel
Typical WP-8 Applications
  • Exterior wall enclosures for warehouses, factories or offices

  • Insulated soffits

  • Interior partition walls

  • Explosion release wall sections

  • Energy efficient retrofits of existing wall and window systems

  • Exterior wall installation from "inside" the building

Air & Water Infiltration

The WP-8 panel was tested for water and air infiltration per ASTM E331-86 and ASTM E283-84 standards. There was no observable water penetration to the interior face through the panel joints at 6.24 psf pressure differential. Air infiltration did not exceed .04 cfm per square foot of wall area at 1.57 psf.

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