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Roof Deck

CARRON AND COMPANY offers a wide range of roof deck products to meet your needs. Choose from a variety of profiles and depths. Deck products are manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the Steel Deck Institute.

IIT 007 (John-LaptopPC's conflicted copy

Available straight or curved

Type "B" Wide Rib Deck

Acoustical deck structural properties are negligibly affected by the web perforations (less than 5%)

Galvanized finish is recommended with all acoustical decks. When painted acoustical deck is prefered, shop-applied primer over galvanized is recommended.

Available straight or curved

Acoustical Type "BA" Wide Rib Deck

Available straight only

Type "A" Narrow Rib Deck
Type "N" Deep Rib Deck

Acoustical Type "NA" Available


Available straight or  curved

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